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Bill Bensel

Retired Representative for HD 30

I am proud to support and endorse candidate Martha J. Wright for Wyoming State House of Representatives District #29. As a former 4-term legislator, I see compassionate leadership qualities in Martha that are so lacking in many legislators. She cares about the people she will represent because she has lived experiences working in low wage jobs trying to make ends meet. She understands the real issues that are important to voters in HD 29 and in Sheridan County, and is prepared to tackle these energetically, with sound thinking and positive solutions.  Further, as a sportsman, I trust Martha to keep our public lands in public hands.

Martha J Wright is the candidate who will best serve Sheridan as State Representative for District #29.  Your vote for her is a good investment in our community’s future.

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Izzy Dickenson

Member of the Community

Martha Wright is the only candidate prioritizing Sheridan's future. Her lifelong dedication to education, community, and individual liberty represents the best of what Wyoming has to offer. Don't let the "D" next to her name fool you; Wright is committed to making Wyoming a place where people of all ages want to and can afford to live.


Wright is the sole option for making the freedoms of Wyoming life accessible to all. Even if we want to live in the towns we were raised in, the ridiculously high cost of living combined with the lack of sufficiently paid jobs and labor protections makes it nearly impossible for young people like me to do so. As a young person, it's obvious that in the HD #29 race, only Martha Wright has the interests of the next generation of Wyomingites at heart.


If you care about preserving Wyoming's greatness for the next generation, you'll join me in voting for Martha Wright on November 8th. 

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Danielle Arnoux

Chair of the Sheridan County Democrats

I have had the opportunity to work with Martha Wright firsthand on important issues for Sheridan County. I am delighted to endorse my colleague, Martha Wright for State House District 29. I cannot think of a better candidate. She is an amazing woman with so many positive attributes, including her ability to empathize and desire for inclusion, which are a joy to watch.

Martha offers an alternative voice and perspective for the political arena in Wyoming. She recognizes that all Wyoming students deserve a well-funded education, and is dedicated to the passage of Medicaid Expansion. She never hesitates to do any kind of work, even when she is unfamiliar with what is being asked; qualities which she will not hesitate to utilize in Cheyenne when elected. She gladly takes feedback, is open to varying viewpoints, and works enthusiastically with teams towards finding workable solutions — a rare find these days.

What a breath of fresh air Martha is in a status quo political environment. She will be the voice of reason and balance the state of Wyoming so greatly needs.

Barbara A. Walter

Retired RN

I am proud to endorse Martha J. Wright for Wyoming State House of Representatives District #29.

I met Martha when she substituted for my water fitness class at the YMCA. Martha had other classes that she taught, but she was willing to fill in when she could. Martha showed up determined to make this a positive experience for all of us, and she did. She was prepared and demonstrated her strong leadership qualities right away. 

Martha knew our government needed new leaders and that we all needed to step up and become involved in our politics and improving our government. Martha not only knew this but she did it. An example of what we should all be considering. Getting involved.

Martha will make decisions that are good for all of us. As an active, female senior citizen she is informed and willing to work hard. She will remember women’s health issues and children’s needs, two Issues that are vitally important right now.  I am going to vote for Martha J. Wright and think you should too.

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