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"When I was first asked to run for House District 29, it didn't take long to decide that I needed to be that alternative voice—the voice you haven't heard for a while, offering a different way to solve the challenges Wyomingites face. You'll notice I use purple generously, and it’s because I plan to blend the blue and the red. We may disagree in the end, but we don’t have to be disagreeable about it." —Martha J. Wright



I believe we need to prepare Wyoming youth to be successful in life as learners, workers, community members, and healthy adults—which means providing adequate funding and resources to enable our educational system to support student growth in a wide variety of areas.


We should promote measures that protect, support, and value our educators as caring professionals who contribute to the lives of our children, and preserve the rights of parents to work together with educators to support children’s educational journey. Education should be a partnership between parents, schools, and the greater community to provide opportunities and experiences beyond the classroom walls.


Medicaid Expansion

High-quality healthcare should be available to all people—and too many in our community face financial hardship, even bankruptcy, from visiting a doctor, filling a prescription, or experiencing an unforeseen medical emergency. Medicaid Expansion would grant the state of Wyoming $34 million over the next two years, providing medical coverage to tens of thousands of Wyomingites—at only 10% of the cost.


The people of Wyoming want Medicaid expansion, but time and again the Legislature votes against it. I am committed to working towards passing legislation to expand Medicaid in our state and make healthcare accessible for everyone.

Pro-Choice, Pro-Life

Those two words look to be blue or red. Can't we make them purple?


The state government should not be in the middle of any healthcare decision. Yet in advance of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Wyoming lawmakers hastily drafted a vague and confusing trigger law to outlaw most abortions — without the full input and expertise of medical professionals, or the pregnant people these decisions most affect. 

I am dedicated to upholding our Wyoming Constitution where it is stated: Each competent adult shall have the right to make his or her own health care decisions. Trust those who need to make the decision.

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Wyoming is a state of outdoor adventure, from hunting to fishing to hiking. But climate change is here, and forest fires, flooding, and costly storms are just the beginning of what we face in the future. Wyoming needs to be prepared to meet these challenges—which doesn't have to mean the loss of good, high-paying jobs.

I believe a healthy economy and a healthy environment don't have to be at odds, as wealthy fossil fuel and mineral companies would like us to believe. Only economic diversity, fair taxes on billion-dollar corporations, and a spirit of stewardship can protect this beautiful state we call home.


Wyoming is falling behind the curve of economic expansion as natural resource revenues plummet, and our legislators continue to give tax cuts to big companies at the expense of small business.


We need an economy that benefits everyone—not just the wealthy—and I bring an outside perspective to government that the “good ol’ boys” simply can’t offer. I share the experience of so many Wyomingites who face low wages, job insecurity, high housing costs and few opportunities for advancement.


The future of our great state lies in developing new, sustainable industries that will bring in business, expand and develop our economy, and offer workers jobs where they can thrive. We need cottage industries like leather and wool, incentives for filming, promoting our unique culture for tourism dollars, and producing the technology of the future, such as electric cars and alternative energy.

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