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We Need a Martha — Someone Always Serving Others

Born and raised in Wyoming, I come from a long line of proud Wyomingites—beginning with my grandparents, who homesteaded here. I understand Wyoming values: respect, kindness, and generosity. I've lived these values myself through my work in the healthcare and criminal justice fields, and volunteering within my church and my community. 

But like many women across this great country, I feel underrepresented in government, and believe the hardworking people of Wyoming deserve more: better healthcare, robust workers' rights, a diverse economy, and an alternative narrative for the future of our great state. Though I was raised in a Republican family, I understand now that I had my head buried in the sand. I needed a party that truly reflected my values. Now, I am running for House District 29 as a proud Democrat.


Wyoming needs someone adaptable, authentic, and traditional—and I am that person. I understand the heart of Wyoming, where we come from, and where we're headed. Someone who believes every human being deserves respect, and I will serve the city of Sheridan with integrity.

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