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Candidate Martha J. Wright Speaks Out on General Election Campaign

Martha J. Wright addresses a group at the Tri-County Picnic.
Martha J. Wright addresses a group at the Tri-County Picnic.

After state-wide record voter turnout and numerous hotly contested primary races, House Candidate Martha J. Wright provided remarks a week after her

successful primary election and in anticipation of the General Election campaign.

“It was interesting to see the voter turnout. However, 30% of registered voters did not vote and large numbers of eligible voters have not registered. Mostly, I was taken aback by the mean, low down tactics used by some candidates and 'dark money' groups. The ability of unscrupulous individuals and anonymous organizations to influence elections is a danger to our democracy and an insult to our voters. Isn’t it a shame that they felt they had to win that way? I am thankful our race for House District 29 was not contentious.”

High profile primary elections, such as Wyoming’s U.S. Congressional race, were heated battlegrounds for months. Other state races, such as that for Wyoming Secretary of State, were typified by continued vitriol into the final hours of the election campaign.

“Candidates of all stripes are here to do the work in service to the Wyoming people and cannot engage in lies, and underhanded tactics,” said Wright. “Candidates are our future elected leaders and must engage respectfully with voters and their competition. If they can’t be trusted to run a fair, straight-up campaign, how can voters have any confidence that they will be honest in their role as government servants to the people?”

Supreme Court decisions have ruled that corporations are considered “people” and money is free speech. Corporations and anonymous wealthy donors have legally and secretly poured millions of dollars to manipulate campaigns through politically active non-profits. All of this done with little to no oversight by state or federal election laws.

Wright ended by stating, “I certainly hope that all campaigning for the November election will be based on thoughtful discussion, and rational debate. With courage and kindness, we can all make a difference.”

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