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Wright Marches for Women's Rights

This past Sunday, July 3rd, Candidate for Wyoming House District 29 Martha J. Wright marched alongside hundreds of other Sheridan residents to advocate for the right to choose. The march began at noon, and protestors carried signs and chanted from Whitney Park Commons to the Courthouse and back.

We were grateful to see Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives, Meghan Jensen, join us in advocating for a pregnant person's right to choose.

Wyoming House Candidate Martha J. Wright poses with Congressional Candidate Meghan Jensen.

The march was held in response to the recent Supreme Court decision to overturn the historic Roe v. Wade case, depriving women and other pregnant people of the right to privacy and bodily autonomy. In states like Wyoming, where trigger laws came into effect as soon as the Supreme Court decision was handed down, abortion is now criminalized and inaccessible unless women are able to cross state lines.

Chelsea's Fund, a Wyoming-based nonprofit, is raising funds to assist pregnant people in traveling to states where they can access reproductive healthcare. To donate, visit

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